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As marketers turn to experience professionals to create exceptional events, the pressure to generate social shares on Twitter (and beyond) from these events increases. Today on #twubchat we shared what our review of client best practices and our own experience with events has taught us.

Our Top 7 Twitter Engagement Tips for Event Organizers

  1. Plaster your hashtag everywhere. Think beyond digital and make sure your event hashtag is on anything potential attendees can see. Make sure signage, badges, even presenter slides have the hashtag. Consider T-shirts with the hashtag for volunteers.
  2. Ask attendees to use the hashtag when posting. Make hashtag awareness part of the checkin process. Remind attendees often from onstage. Do so after breaks and throughout the day.
  3. Display tweets on screen.

    Twitter shares increase when event organizers display tweets on a screen.

    When attendees see their updates up on the big screen, the social shares go up. Guy Kawasaki says “Displaying these tweets encourages more interaction and more use of your hashtag” and we believe him. Make sure you have a solution that allows you to moderate out unwanted tweets before they go live on screen, to ensure quality content is displayed for you (and your sponsors).

  4. Provide Photo Opportunities. Think of how red carpet photos at awards shows have strategically placed logo-covered backdrops. Create sets or stations where attendees can have fun creating their own selfies. Think of this as giving your attendees reasons to post. Photo booths and selfie stations with cardboard Instagram frames are great for this.

    Using a prop like a frame gives attendees a reason to grab a photo.

  5. Staff for Success. Interacting with attendees in real time requires at least one staff member’s attention. As attendees tweet out using your hashtag, they may be doing more than posting selfies. Ensure that whoever is monitoring your hashtag during your event watches for questions to answer, influencers to thank, attendee tweets to retweet.
  6. Consider Live Streaming. Smart brands harness the perspective of influencers to help tell their brand story. If you’ve heard of apps like Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat, be watching for more brands to harness the power of live streaming to capture the event experience from. (Checkout this excellent article by Brian Fanzo about Live Streaming in 2015.) The use of your hashtag in a Periscope post extends your event to those outside of your physical location and creates the much sought after Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. Be sure to read Vincenzo Landino’s post 3 Ways Brands Can Use Meerkat for more tips.
  7. Thank Contributors. Do this before your event when anyone shares your event information. Thank people during your event for answering questions, tweeting quotes from your speakers, sending out updates. There are attendees who find your event content so compelling, they will “live tweet” it out for their followers. If so, definitely thank them for giving you free exposure (some say a T-Shirt goes a long way with these types). After your event, review your hashtag stream and continue to thank those who contributed.

If you’d like to catch the video replay just click on the image below.

What about you? What other tips have you seen at events that got you to tweet? Please add your comments below.