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Ready to Live Stream Your Twitter Chat?

This week on #twubchat we continued our live streaming video embed of Meerkat (beta) for our chat. We are not simply talking about live streaming and Twitter chats, we want to use it ourselves to increase engagement with you, our #twubchat community. So far, our audience has grown since we added a video component but are still learning how to balance online engagement with on-camera interaction.

Key Takeaways for Live Streaming your Twitter Chat

    1. As a host, we ask participants to follow along on a Twubs page because:

Host questions are pinned to the top and easier to find in the streams
Hosts block unwanted trolls
Hosts add additional cohosts whose tweets are also pinned to the top
Participants’ tweets get the hashtag added automatically
Participants can slow the speed of the feed

2. Before jumping into ANY video platform, ask yourself these questions:

What am I trying to accomplish?
Is my audience using this platform already?
How long is the optimum length for this platform?
How easy is it to share my saved video?
Do I understand interaction dynamics (e.g. users’ in app comments, are they permanent or do they disappear?)

3. Before beginning, learn from generous practitioners — and there are many out there. We followed along successful weekly Marketing chats to see how they conducted the blending of live video streaming and simultaneous chatting. Check out Brian Fanzo’s Twitter Chat Calendar to get started.

Transcript from the twitter chat

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