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Blogpost 02: Twitter Chats 4 Mktrs

The world is getting smaller.

As livestreaming has opened up new connections for us at Twubs, it has also shown us the world is a much bigger place than our continent. Valuable conversations, glued together with a hashtag are followed by fans and followers all over the globe. Unfortunately, some of us only host our Virtual Water Coolers at hours when our tribe is sound asleep counting Corriedales or Southdown Norfolks (that’s Australia and the UK).

So, if you are new to livestreaming, or enhancing your Twitterchat with the beauty of live video, here are a few tips:

  1. Know the scope of your customers, followers or fans
  2. If you are a US-based host, consider adding a second scheduled time for your Twitterchat that works better for those in Europe, Asia, India, Africa or Australia. Enlist one of your rabid fans from this part of the world to cohost with you.
  3. If you’re focused on Customer Experience or Marketing, deconflict your timeslot with the handy chart below:

As a result of pulling this together for our own use, we realized we do in fact need to come up with another slot for our friends down under. After our #twubchat with @keithkeller last week (catch the replay here), we know we need to serve our Twitter Chat hosts better.

What about you? How do you come up with a time to host your Twitterchat? How do you handle global fans? Let us know in the comment below or hit us up on on Twitter at