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One of the best parts of life here at Twubs is seeing innovative customers promote their events and Twitter chats. We’re asked about it often, so we thought we’d share ways we’ve seen clients get the word out about their events. Here are a variety of examples…(e.g. B2B, B2C, SMB) representing diverse industries, since innovation crosses all segments:

1. Housing Policy Council #housingbloomhousingbloom twitterpromo

What Works: We like the clean look of this digital billboard —  it clearly answers the Who, Where, What, When of the event.

Bonus Points: This was a physical event held in Washington D.C. with a panel of economists discussing housing and housing reform. The audience was invited to join the conversation on Twitter so physical attendees could participate and remote attendees could glean snippets from the live event.

The event itself was recapped later in a lovely blog post that you can read about here. Great job @corelogicecon and @FSRoundtable.

2. Active #activechat

What Works: We like the way @active extends the reach of Twitter chat events by cross-promoting with other companies eager to bring valuable content to a similar tribe. The campaign partners vary, but the principle remains: Extend your reach by partnering with others.

TwitterChat #Active

Really liked the strong, healthy photo targeted towards fitness-focused brides-to-be in this chat event with @weddingwire.

Parents hunting for information on SummerCamps are invited by this whimsical kid to a useful chat hosted by @ActiveKids. We tip our ballcap to @ActiveKids and @SummerCamp411 for this fun example below. Note the nice placement of hashtag and host information along the bottom of the image.

Screenshot 2015-06-02 21.19.57

This Twitter Chat was hosted by @ActiveKids and @SummerCamp411. Clever billboard announcement!

3. Millennial CEO / Pivot Point #CloudTalk

Screenshot 2015-04-30 14.56.20

Another good example of an ongoing hangout.

What Works: Here is a bold, clear announcement for a weekly event to discuss The Cloud (as in the storage in the sky, not fluffy white things).  We also like the reminder to their participants that this is a Weekly Twitter Hangout so if your schedule doesn’t allow you to catch it this week, you can catch next week’s event. 

Showcase Thought Leaders: Two weekly hosts, Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV) and Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) bring value to their respective followers by showcasing marketing thought leaders like Stewart Rogers @TheRealSJR. The generous hosts serve their respective tribes by providing access to real-time insights from a noted Marketing Tech expert. Kudos, guys.

4. Mira Johnson / #Ambitionista

 Screenshot 2015-06-02 22.20.28

What Works: We like the way that Life Coach @MiraJohnson  cleverly explains etiquette for those who may be new Twitter chats. Her style is fun, personable and still very professional.

Great job of politely educating others who might be otherwise intimidated. Her passion for serving and informing her followers is fun to watch. And what’s not to love about someone whose fairygodmother is @rupaul.

These are just 4 of the killer ways we’ve seen individuals and companies promote their events, both online and offline, using hashtags. What have you seen lately that inspired you? Do share below!